This process is not for the fainthearted.

Powered by DreamIt Ventures, Open Canvas is a program that allows select corporations to take teams of internal employees (artists) and their best ideas (canvases) out of their existing corporate culture and place them inside a three-month business accelerator.
There, at one of the top accelerators in the world, surrounded by 10-15 startups founded by some of the best and brightest entrepreneurs, they take an early stage idea and put it to the test. During the three-month DreamIt cycle, teams utilize and implement “lean startup” and “thin wedge” methodologies.

Teams will receive:


Teams will receive a small amount of capital to help launch a minimal viable product and gain traction.


Teams will receive mentorship and guidance from industry leaders who have created dozens of successful businesses.


Dreamit Partners, who combined have built and sold 7 businesses, will mentor & guide the teams.

Work Enviroment

Perhaps most importantly, they are engulfed in a uniquely competitive, yet collaborative atmosphere in which to quickly prove a business idea is viable and cost effective.